Using the Gamble Feature with Online Slots

Online slot games are among the most popular in any online casino. With so many players accessing these games, online casinos support a huge number of titles that can offer amazing game features. When playing online slots, players will enjoy rewarding payouts, endless excitement, bonus rounds and a special feature known as the gamble feature. This feature is not available on all slots online, but can commonly be found on video slot games as well as some traditional titles.

The gamble feature is an added aspect that can make for huge winnings. Players who enjoy taking risks will appreciate this feature when they are accessing their favourite slot title. The gamble feature is offered after each winning spin on the slot. If players have a winning combination, they will be given the chance to gamble the amount of the win with the chance to win even more cash.

The feature is actually quite simple. Players who choose to gamble their winnings will have to choose the colour of a card that will be revealed. If they are able to make the correct choice, the amount of their win will be doubled. Players will also have the opportunity to quadruple the win by guessing the correct suit. If players manage to guess correctly, they can continue gambling their winnings or return to the game.

The gamble feature is a great way for players to boost their account balance. While it should not be used on every winning spin, there are some times when the feature can be very beneficial. Players should not gamble large payouts, but should try their luck on the smaller game returns. This way, if they guess incorrectly they will not lose too much money.

Online slots that have a gamble feature are attractive to high rollers because they will have the chance to win four times the normal amount. The features is a great addition to any slot game and will provide all players with added excitement and the chance to win some huge payouts on the best slot games online.

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