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Here in this section of The Style Bitches you'll find information we've put together regarding online gambling and casinos online for US players. If you're from the United States we suggest that you read though this information as we beleive that it will help you to better understand details surrounding playing at online casinos as a US player.

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History of Online Gambling in US:

When online casinos first began to appear, players from all over the world were allowed to partake in amazing games and win cash prizes. Today, many players from the United States have been stripped of this liberty and cannot gamble in online casinos. However, this is a fairly recent change. Up until laws were passed, United States players were free to visit any online casino and play the games that were offered for cash rewards. For many years, these players enjoyed some of the best games in the world.

The United States is one country that has never allowed online casinos to be operated in the country. When players wanted to enjoy the action of an online casino, they were forced to play in an international casino. This did not seem to bother many people and residents of the US were happy to have the chance to experience the convenience of gambling from the comfort of home. While these players were enjoying games and cash rewards, US lawmakers were hard at work, trying to prohibit online gambling for all residents of the United States.

Issues that Surround Gambling in the US

There are currently many issues that US players have to contend with while playing in online casinos. The freedom of choosing any online casino is long gone and now players have to seek out specific casinos that will still allow them to play at the site. In 2006, the United States passed an Act known as UIGEA, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement act. While many players still believe this act prohibits all online gambling, it actually does not. Players are still able to select international casinos and play online for cash payouts.

The Act does prohibit certain ways in which US players can fund a casino account. To help deter online gambling, the United States passed this act which will prohibit any financial institution from approving a transaction to an online casino. This means that US players can no longer use a credit or debit card to fund a casino account. Instead, they will have to find alternative means of conducting casino transactions that are not linked to a bank. This act has caused some major uproars in the industry and has forced many publically listed companies to stop providing their services to American players online.

Issues With Banking:

The main problem with the recent laws and regulations is that players have an extremely difficult time finding a way to conduct their casino transactions. For many years, players could use a credit card to add funds to a casino account online. The passing of UIGEA now prohibits any players from the US from using a credit card that has been issued from a bank. These players are also restricted from using any type of bank transfer or debit card in an online casino.

Most US players who are still engaging in online gambling are now using prepaid cards to make their casino deposits. Since these cards are purchased with cash, they can be redeemed at an online casino because there is no bank involved in the process. In addition to using a prepaid card for casino transactions, players from the United States can also use Western Union. This wire transfer service is a great way for players to be able to make both casino deposits as well as withdrawals. While this payment method does take longer than others in online casinos, it is one of the few options players from the United States still have.

Future of Online Gambling in the United States:

Players from the US have little hope that things will change any time soon. These players are still trying to find online casinos that will allow them to register and play games for cash. Even casinos that state they accept US players often do not support payment methods that can be used. The pleasure of gambling online for cash has been taken away from many players from the US and very few believe that things will change at all in the future. However, there has been talk about legalising online gambling in the United States. Though this is far off, lawmakers are considering it as an option and are weighing the pros and cons of such a decision.

While the Us may never allow an online casino to be operated within the country boundaries, there is talk that UIGEA may be lifted, once again allowing these players to use credit cards and bank transfers to play online. When this will happen is up in the air, and for now, players will still have to take the time to find a reliable online casino that will accept players from the US and support a usable payment option.

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