Online Casino Groups

One thing that seasoned online gamblers will notice is that there are seldom casino owners that operate just one online casino. Most casinos are part of a casino group, in which they are owned by the same parent company. Even though these casinos will all offer different games and bonus offers, they are run by the same group. Each brand, or each specific online casino that is operated within a group will offer a certain theme that will cater to different players. For example, online casinos that offer an Asian theme will attract Asian players while those with a party theme will usually attract a group of younger players. By branding different casinos, owners will be able to attract more players and can offer games that are themed so they will attract certain groups of players.

Online casino groups will all use the same software in every casino that they operate. So, if one casino offers Microgaming games, all other branded casinos within the group will also support games from Microgaming. Even though the game titles may vary from one casino to the next, players will already be familiar with how Microgaming games work and will feel comfortable at any of the casinos that are owned and operated by the same group.

A great advantage to choosing online casinos in a group is that they will all follow the same promotional structure. This means that comp points that are earned in one casino can be redeemed and added to in any other casino that is within the same group. This allows players to play at different casinos and access various games without losing out on any loyalty points they may have accumulated at another site.

The most popular online casino groups that are seen include Fortune Lounge Group, Jackpot Factory, Casino Rewards Group and The Palace Group. As players play at different casinos, they will learn which group they belong to and will be able to choose other online casinos with ease if they desire to stay within the same group.

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