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I can’t decide whether I love her more, or less for this. Kate Hudson proudly shows off two of her ‘less-than-society’s-idea-of-perfect’ features at The American Music Awards last night (at which Taylor Swift won EVERY-F*CK*NG-THING). What do you think? Fair play to her for not giving a BEEP? Or do you think we all need to emphasise the good and minimize the …eh…not so good?

Do tell!

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Continuing on from Skankerday…Chantelle from ‘ages ago Big Brother’, and Jennifer from Brookside (I think) ‘accidently’ got papped doing ridiculous poses on the beach. I often do these poses too when on my holidays. Especially the ‘bending over!’ one. Take a look at the rest of these idiotic images and discuss - Chantelle’s boobs, and what exactly Jen is trying to prove with her ass…


This photo of Aubrey O’Day with her veiny monchichis being squished to bedaddio in a far too tight dress got me to thinking : what is it with boobs? Why do some girls feel incomplete unless their dress or top ensure that they are literally breastfeeding the general public? Why are some girls so not into showing their boobs under any circumstances? Why do some girls whip them out at the drop of the hat, and others cover up their nip nips in the changing room of the gym?

How do you like the boobalage? Do you love or loathe yours? Would you prefer bigger or smaller?

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Turns out Kate Moss is NOT…as previously speculated by the whole world including The Stylebitches… preggers at all!

“Even my friends are phoning me up and saying, ‘Are you pregnant? I’m not! I just put on a couple of pounds and they went in the right place. Isn’t it weird?” Kate is delighted that she has developed new curves just as she’s about to launch a lingerie range for Topshop saying; “It’s great timing. I’m a woman now.”  She is worried however, that her newly bigger boobs won’t go down well with Jamie Hince…”My boyfriend might not like them. I’m a bit worried.” ….eh…I’ll think he’ll get over it Kate!

So there you go, no Mossy babies. How boring! *snore*



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Jessica Simpson….she’s GOTTA be up the duff …right?!


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