I don’t know why I’m surprised. We’ve known forever that celebrities like free stuff. But who’da thunk they’d be out looting with the best(?) of them in persuit of a new 42 inch plasma?

Colin Farrell has that whole ‘I’m from Castleknock but I’m still a mad yoke, RIGH’!!!’ thing going on, so he was always going to throw his oar in.

Ashley Cole could probably come home with a box of 24 PSPs, a shetland Pony and a prostitute and Cheryl would ask no questions so he has nothing to lose really.

Prince broke in to Ticketmaster to rob tickets for his own concerts. It was the only way they were gonna shift them.

Eva Longoria Sarah Michelle Gellar Jessica Parker was after a few new names.

Anyway, shame on you all! …But if you do happen to come accross a nice Macbook Pro, hook a sister uuuuuuup!


Source: Loot-alikes

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1.  Victoria
August 17th, 2011 at 1:08 pm

Hahahahahaha!!!! Love it!!!!! :)


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