I like to give a product a good loooong test before saying - yes, you may become my new product fiancé. Here is my announcement:

Following 18 months of trials, tribulations and lack of sleep, my relationship with this product has reached a level of understanding and respect that can not, must not, be ignored. I feel we are as one. Our union was probably a prophecy of Nostradamus, or at the very least, Jesus.  As I lay here listening to Celine Dion on my love mixtape made especially for my new favourite product, I was overcome with the urge to share.

So here it is ;  I’m ‘over the moon’ to offishally anonounce my face’s betrothal to Vichy’s Liftactiv foundation, number 25. (available from pharmacies.)

It has made me appear human on occassions when I should really have frightened children and old people. It’s put colour and glow on a face that unbedecked, has, I imagine, made my own mother question whether I could legitimately be her’s - as I appear to have been born before her…

Finally, it stays on all day, unlike my clothing at a festival.

Those, ladies and gentlebugs, are my reason to love this product. If YOU have a product that you can not be without, I urge you to share below… I am completely open to luring Activlift in to a false sense of security before cruelly dumping it for something that makes me look better - much like my 17 year old self with my then boyfriend.


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1.  Victoria
August 17th, 2011 at 1:15 pm

Vichy is unreal in general! I love their 3in1 cleanser and spot treatment cream! Better than any Dior/Lancome/Chanel, etc. stuff I ever tried and what a great value for the price!

2.  Edie Frank
August 24th, 2011 at 4:47 pm

I am going to investigate Vichy…currently using Clinique but I don’t think its a relationship with staying power….my skin eats foundation(and innnocent bystanders), and looks similiar to london post blitz….BLOTCH Madness!!!! Not a pretty sight without some SERIOUS foundation!


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