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Things NOT to do:

1. Throw cats in bins

2. Joke about blowing stuff up on Twitter

3. Admit to penchant for Copper Face Jacks to potential employer

4. Eat yellow snow

5. Wear ‘F*** You’ necklace to meet impressionables.

Good work Riri!


Celebrity DJ and all round ridebag Mo Kelly has dyed her hair bright pink for Breast Cancer Awareness, the mad yoke. Ballygowan are donating €5k to the Marie Keating Foundation to mark her efforts and of course her head will be a walking, shining beacon of awareness for the next wee while. Good woman Mo!

Do your bit by ‘like’ing the facebook page here and don’t forget to lob a load of that pink water inta ye boss!


YAY Halla-ma-ween!

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Whatcha dressin’ up as?


Guys! Need help covering up your bulging pecs and rock-hard abs? Just call Super Spanx Man!

…Look, I know they can’t exactly use Peter Griffin in the ad but at least find a model that looks like he could potentially have a problem area - even though he doesn’t - thus duping us in to thinking…”Wow! They’re really effective!” …and buying them for our loved ones…only to discover that the only thing that will actually cover his beer belly is large screen…which we will then start to carry around with us at all times, insisting that he stands behind it, whilst cursing Spanx and shaking our fists at the sky. It’ll be awkward to transport, especially if your car breaks down and you’re a bus wa*k*r for the day, but needs must.

That’s what real advertising is about!

But no…Spanx for Men went with this.



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It has come to my attention this week that Men, in fact, detest Maxi Dresses! Who knew?! I heard rumblings of this and confirmed it with an actual, real-life boy. I won’t quote him exactly, but he did compare the garment to something a certain type of person who may or may not have gold teeth would wear. I was like: “Kelis wears Maxis?!” …Anywho, there is an interesting article on the fashion that men hate in the Daily Mail today *and I found myself thinking (<- *B and I are saying that about everything this week in an homage to/piss take of Carrie Bradshaw) what else do they hate?! So I’ve done my research and here it is ladies; the list of things we wear that men don’t like!!

UGGS: No sh*t Sherlock, you’re preaching to the converted here.

HAREM PANTS: As much as I have a couple pairs…you couldn’t really argue with this one, could you?!

JUMPSUITS: HOW VERY DARE YOU INSULT A STYLEBITCHES STAPLE!! You’re sleeping on the couch…that’ll learn ye.

GLADIATOR SANDALS: Aparently they make us look short and like our feet must hurt badly. Thank you Gok Wan, we’ll worry about that ourselves.

PINK!: I know, right? What’s wrong with pink now?? Now you’re just getting on me nerves!!


NEON: Fair ’nuff I s’pose.

JEGGINGS: You have a problem with really, really tight pants on a girl?? Riiiiiight.

ANYTHING RIHANNA WEARS: It would appear that she’s not ‘feminine’ enough and looks like she’d be super hard work. You bleedin’ WISH in fairness!!!

LEG WARMERS: Understandable.

I think I mentioned before that my brother hates pointy shoes and long/painted nails. Is there anything that your other half/male friends hate that we all seem to love? And would the fact that your fella hates something deter you from wearing it? I know we’re all quick to say “Hell no! I dress for me!” …but I’m going away with himself this weekend and I have to tell you, the chances of a maxi being packed in the case have just seriously decreased …by about 100% say?!

Do the talky talky thing!



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I’m not actually watching ‘Over The Rainbow’ before anyone slags me, but I was walking past the telly the other night (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it) and Charlotte Church stopped me in my tracks for two reasons. Firstly, Jesus she’s a feckin’ RIDE lately isn’t she? She’s one of those girls who can carry some weight nay bodger and still be a total lash but she just looks so fit and toned lately. Basically; I probably would. But anyway, I also got a severe dose of instant, incurable top-envy! I knew I’d seen it somewhere before and sure enough, the Cheryl one wore it in February’s Q Magazine. Of course she did! *tut*!

It’s by Ashish and WAS available for £475 from Browns until recently….AS IF I could afford it even if it was still there. Anyway, I just thought I share my agony with you. And if you happen to spot a particularly good knock-off, hit me up! Holla at yo girl! etc.



Roisin Murphy and Lady Gaga…

….well have YOU ever seen them both in the same room?


OK I must ‘fess up; That headline is as misleading as an Oil of Olay ad and a cover of OK magazine put together! There’ll be no donut bashing for Victoria Beckham I’m afraid. Well, none that I know of, you’ll be the first to know if that changes. But it would appear that she’s planning on releasing a range of fur! Yesterday, LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) executive Edo Jao tweeted…

“Well hanging with Vic B. and MJ is going real well. They’re talking about a line with fur.”

 Well now! What’cha make of that?! It’s no secret that Vic likes a bit of fluff around her neck, but is putting her name to a collection with fur a good move for her?! Another giant leap into high-end fashion? Career suicide?!

Discuss. No conferring. Points will be given for effort/neat margins. Your time starts……now!

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“Yo yo yo! Word to my new Moms y’all!”

What a difference a couple of years and a couple of billion dollars make eh?! Maddox Jolie better watch his ass, there’s competition in town! Recognize biotch!


Oompa Loompa NAILS??!! I CANNOT argue with that!!


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Star of ‘The Young and the Restless’ (Best programme EVER!) Stacy Haiduk (Best name EVER!) brought along her big box of crazy and poured it all over the red carpet at the day time Emmys in L.A. last night! The stuffed cat, who plays her on-screen pet, was fashioned in to a bag for the evenings festivities. Stacy was presumably there to collect her ‘Crazy Bitch Award’? It’s heartwarming that her talent was recognised, nobody worked harder for it.

I cannot believe I’m going to include a poll with this…..


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Sure, Dita Von Teese looks great at movie premieres or whilst shopping in New York, but she must wear a tracksuit to the shop to get milk, right?! ……..WRONG!

Here she is grocery shopping in Carrefour (think Tesco on crack) in France with her aristocrat boyfriend, Count Louis Marie de Castelbajec. (Try saying THAT ten times fast)

And then hauling luggage around the carpark of the airport on her way home……. I’m tellin’ ya, the woman’s farts smell of Chanel no. 5.



YouTube Preview Image

Check this out; a short film made in the 1930s of predictions by American fashion designers on what the well-dressed man and woman would be wearing in the year 2000. It’s scarily accurate! The first dress sports nifty Balmain shoulders and the second takes in this Spring’s sheer trend. The third outfit is a jumpsuit that wouldn’t look out of place at all today….etc. Also, I always wear my transparent net to catch the men. But if a boy I meet doesn’t have a pocket full of candies for cuties, I’m just not bothered!


Beeyonsaaaay, beyonce! Shakiraaaaah….sorry I REALLY must stop doing that. So we had a little preview of what Thierry Mugler’s designs for Beyonce’s tour might look like…and here’s the real deal.


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Today’s Fashion News!

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