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Did we mention…?!

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..somebody got shortlisted in the Irish Blog Aawrds ‘Best Newcomer’ category, and that somebody…eh..ies…are us!!! The Stylebitches! (B) and (L)! Us! Hurrrrraaaaah!

Seriously though, we are so, SO thrilled, and would like to thank everyone over at the Irish Blog Awards for shortlisting us - particularly the judges who put in such a hard graft narrowing it down - pat on the back! If you’re very good, we’ll give ye a Pat Benetar on the back! She could still make you feel saucy. Don’t lie. 

We’d also like to thank the sponsors of the category for giving monies so there could BE a category -, and finally a HUGE congratulations to our fellow nominees (why not pay a little howdy visit to their sites?) :

9 Bean Row

Good After-Morning

Chronicles of a Year Long Break Up

Pretty Far West

Good luck to everyone in all of the categories… see them all >here<. Any thoughts on who you’d like to win in all of the categories? 

Thanks again to all y’all, we wouldn’t be typing this right now if it wasn’t for you lovely shiny lot spreading the Word of Stylebitch, and for nominating us. We heart you all, and we’ve made some lovely friends through this site, so yay! It also feels REALLY good that, after starting out on bebo three years ago, and working looong-ass hours on getting this site up, we got such a lovely nomination for our little blog baby. We’re proud as any blogparent can be…

Winning would obviously be the icing on the cake, but honestly, we’re seriously just delighted to be nominated. (However, we like prizes, so send us those positive Oprah/Jebus/Tom Cruise vibes peoples…)


(B) & (L)

Company magazine!

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Fa la la! Sing a happy tune!… because we are THRILLED to announce finally, after much secrecy and mysteriousness - that we have a TWO page feature in Company magazine, which is out today! Yes that’s right, we’re officially deadly! If we do say so ourselves. Which we do. Often. 

Anywho, the editor got in touch with us (yes, we enjoyed typing that sentence..) to write about the top ten trends for 2010, along with the five things that make us want to vomit down the back of your neck. Which we did, in our own manner. We got a tad edited. Though nothing beats the time we had ‘butt plug’ removed from our ‘Voice’ page fadó fadó. Career highlight.

We also made the contributors section at the front, which is quite an honour! 

In conclusion, can we just say a HUGE thank you to Company magazine for including us in this issue - we are BEYOND thrilled! Caps Lock THRILLED! Kanye THRILLED!

Go out and buy your copy today, we’re pages 78 and 79, which just so happens to be our lucky numbers, respectively. 


xxxx (B) & (L)

P.S A HUGE thank you to Dave Coffey over at Java Republic Coffee Break for taking the photo of us, what does appear in the articles of fine words in Company. THANKEE Dave!

And so it is upon us…the night that many dread!!! Are you excited? Do you hate it? What does New Years ‘09 have in store for you? Where are you going? What are you doing? Who are you doing? Got your New Years kiss in the bag yet? What are you wearing? How the hell will you get home?! So many questions…so much time….it’s New Years Eve and there’s f*ck all else to do until tonight so get on with it!

And to the future! What might it hold? If it’s any reassurance, we’ve been to the year 3000. Not much has changed, but we live under water. Was 2009 a good year for you? Or will you be glad to see the back of it? What are your plans, hopes and dreams for 2010?

From both of us again…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

(B) & (L)


(B) & (L)  (third person, we so swanky!) will be on Newstalk with Tom Dunne in the mornin’, talking about 2009’s fashion and celeb moments. Feel free to text in your suggestions to 53106 when we’re on! We’re not definite on the time slot yet, but from 9am on, think we might be on at 9.30, but we’ll try and update to let yis know in all in anyways!

x (B) & (L)

P.S We heart Tom Dunne, Joe and Sorcha at Newstalk. They haven’t even THREATENED us with a restraining order yet. So kind!

Happy Christmas from us to you!

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It’s been an eventful 2009 for The Stylebitches, what with finally getting the old web-a-roo-site-thingy up and running, doing shoots, doing interviews, djing at SPY, falling over a bit, getting up, falling through a table and all the rest of the madness.

We’d just like to take a moment…. *moment >* to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our dark, black hearts for being a part of all of this, we appreciate you appreciating this and appreciating all over us as much as we would like to fill a syringe with appreciateveness and inject it into your lovely ickle veins. 

Thanks on a worky tip to : Spin 1038, Newstalk, Stellar Magazine, SPY bar, Straywave, Dave Coffey, The Irish Sun, The Irish Independent, The Irish Examiner, all the lovely Irish Bloggers and our Grannies for having our Mas. We appreciate all and any support. x

We really hope you enjoy our brain vomit, that you’ll continue to drink from the SB poisoned chalice and that you’ll join us in this, the world’s LARGEST VIRTUAL GROUP HUG! (well, prove that it ISN’T the largest Guinness Book of Records…PROVE IT!)


Sincerely, thank you. Have a lovely Christmas, get dressed up, have a drink on us, be safe, give someone you know a hug on the hour every hour on Christmas Day, and in general, be the sloppy messes we know you are, and love. 


xxx (B) & (L) 

By the way……

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Ah go on!


YouTube Preview Image

Check out The Stylebitches on Style Nation’s look back at the fashion moments of the last decade!

(Part 1 above, part 2 below!)

YouTube Preview Image

Style Nation is Ireland’s very own online fashion station and just so happens to have a rather nifty little show on it called ‘All of This’ starring some bird called Blanaid Hennessy. Join them on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter here.

Ah do!


Irish Indo Top Twenty Blog!

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We were thrilled, and eh, totally surprised (not surprised as in we don’t deserve it, sure we’re all kinds of awesome and win*, more that we didn’t know anything about it til we saw it in print!) to be included in the Top 20 Fashion Blogs in the Irish Independent today..! Read it all here > Irish Independent.  Thank you to the journalist Glenn Waldron, who may regret his decision, as we are now going to officially stalk him and shower him with scary gifts of appreciation. 

Thanks once more to all you lovely lot, that amuse us endlessly with your witticisms and and keep us coming back every day to type our randomness, we heart you all to infinity and Jedwardia!

(B) & (L)

*We’re not THAT cocky.

Newstalk 9.15am!

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The Stylebitches will be on Newstalk with Tom Dunne at 9.15am on Wednesday morning, talking about Hallowe’en outfits and whatnot. We’ll be in Marks & Spencers on Grafton St…so if you’re toddling by, pop in and say howdy!


There we are now with the lovely Tom Dunne and his lovely pink blouse…sorry I meant salmon shirt.

(B) & (L)

Ben Dunne is all sorts of awesome and win. Not only is he WRECKING our heads with his gym ads on radio stations across the country but he has also :

- Been kidnapped by the IRA and held for seven days.

-Was arrested for cocaine possession and soliciting a hooker while on a golf holiday in Florida. He also allegedly attempted to throw himself off the balcony.

- Given large amounts of money to a number of Irish politicians, mainly from the Fianna Fáil party including the then Taoiseach, Charlie Haughey.

-He also ‘knowingly assisted’ a Fine Gael politician evade tax.

What a legend. He is not to be mocked. I mean, who among YOU can say YOU’VE never been caught snorting cocaine off a crack ho’s ass before lobbing yourself off the balcony? (Allegedly) NONE OF YOU, that’s who. 


P.S Ben can also be found adjudicating the scores on ‘The Big Quiz’ on Tom Dunne’s show. (Newstalk, Fridays at 11.30am). It may be Ben Dunne. Or it may be an impersonator. Who knows. 

P.P.S Joe Rooney, the comeejean who is very good, has a gig on in Howth this Saturday, along with Willa White and Colum McDonnell. Sounds like a daycent night out! Tickets €15 01-8322006 More Info >here<

P.P.S HUGE thanks to Joe and Sorcha at Newstalk for having us on with Tom this morning - lovely folks altogether!





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We’ve made the longlist for the ‘Most Beautiful Website’ AND ‘The Most Entertaining Website’ in the Irish Website Awards. Fingers crossed we make it to the shortlist…send out those ** Oprah, ‘The Secret’, Holy God, Baby Jebus, Mohammed, Koran, Buddha, Tom Cruise, Ishmael, Bahá’í, Mandean, Yezidi, Yarsani, Zoroastrian, Jew, Christian, Rastafarian*** or whatever POSITIVE ENERGY you believe in and get those good thoughts out there! 

See the full list of nominations > here <


(B) & (L) 

It’s (L)’s birthday todaaaaaaaay!!! Hurrah for (L) and her loveliness… and Hurrah! for Jimmy Nesbitt and his ability to balance vodka on his cock while blowing out the magic candle, especially for (L)!

Hurrah! Here’s to many, many more..



Are you a Stylebitches virgin?

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Just in case this is your first visit to, here’s a little synpsis..sinopsiss…breakdown of what goes on here on our lovely shiny site. 

We post daily all about celebrity gossip and clothes, and a few random bits and pieces, and you get your comment on underneath each post. We don’t generally take the nicey-nicey route, unless that route comes in a brown envelope and pays real-ass money to say nice things about somoene. As that hasn’t happened as of yet (TOM CRUISE -WE’RE WAITING!!)..we’ll continue to be all shades of irreverent. 

If you want to know factual stuff, like how to get a profile pic, or how to go about making your mark over on the forum..just click here! >>HERE!<<

Enjoy your stay, don’t solicit, tell your friends about us, and come back often. We know where you live now. We have special technologies. So if you don’t do any of those things, we’ll come for your pet dog/cat/mother.


(B) & (L)

So - we’re famous now. We spit on lesser beings. We slap the common. We beat the poor.

Today - the stylebitches officially launched this lovely website, after only so very many months.

In the Press!

So far, the lovely journo Aoife Bannon from the Irish Sun has done a full page feature on, along with some ‘choice’ comments allegedly made by us about certain Irish ‘celebrities’.. (All meant in jest of course…) Check it out in today’s Sun, page 18. 

We’d also like to say a big thank you to Clare (who was wearing a GORGEOUS Topshop dress) and Jonathan on Spin 1038, who had us on their lovely show this afternoon, and Eimear Varian Barry from RedFM who’ll be chatting to (L) on Saturday!

The Shoot!

We did the shoot above a little while ago for our press releases, which was photographed by (B)’s brother Eoin Hennessy, from EHP. The amazing white wool creation (L) is wearing in the ‘fighting’ photo is by young Irish artist and costumier: Lucy McKenna from Kilkenny and (L)’s fab floral hair is by hair stylist Joan, who is in ‘Anna Danielle’s’, also in Kilkenny.  

Thank you!

Most of all, we’d just like to thank all of the Stylebitchers on here, for sticking with us through good times (today) and bad (tonight), sickness (B) and in health (we’ll drink to that), for richer (buy our lip balms! Tell people to advertise!) and poorer (this site took a lot of work)…all the days of our blogging lives. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you, the drinks are on YOU if we ever have a party. We’re that kind. 


(B) & (L)


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YouTube Preview Image


It’s been a while since we offered up some video fodder for your youtube pleasure, so we felt it was about time we made an unwelcome return to the very small screen. Being the international women of style that we are, we decided to travel to the fashion capital of the world to ensure that our fingers were right on the pulse of couture. When we got back from Blanchardstown Shopping Centre we went to Paris. It was there that we filmed this; the pilot episode of ‘The Stylebitches News’.

Whilst in Paris we bumped in to the very lovely David Coffey who you might know from such programmes as RTE’s Dan & Becs. He was minding his own business, supping on a caf e au lait and munching on a macaroon, when we delighted him with the news that he was the only man to meet our directorial needs! As we *strolled to the studio (*drove a van with Dave tied up in the back) we came accross the talented production team of Wildwave Media. Luckily we have some dirt on them, and so with a sprinkling of blackmail here and a touch of physical threats there, they too were soon on board!

…Et viola! We hope that you love it and want to shower it with sugar lumps and take it to the horse….dentist.

(B) & (L)


PS: NB - This video was shot a few weeks ago so unless you’ve been living under a rock you will have already heard most of these stories! If that’s the case, might we suggest that you try living under a rock that has broadband.

P.P.S - Thanks to Dave Coffey for the ‘behind the scenes’ images too >>









(B) & (L)