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No nononononononononononononononono - Taylor Swift and Jake Gylenlenanenhanehanhaal?!? Rumours have been circulating, but now…now…the proof.

NO! No no - I won’t have it. I was okay-ish with the mature but still cute situation of Reese Witherspoon, but the CHILD that is Taylor Swift?!? NO! KANYE WEST - YOU BETTER TYPE UP SOME CAPS TYLE SHIZZLE ABOUT THIS! YOU BETTER COME BACK AND FINISH THE JOB YOU STARTED ON THAT MTV AWARD STAGE ALL THOSE MONTHS AGO. I’m demanding some sort of reparation here people! Give Taylor Swift to the IMF! Ollie Ren might need a new wife! I don’t know - SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING!!!



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OK I did NOT see this one coming! 50 Cent, AKA Curtis Jackson, is supposedly getting the leg over talk show host Chelsea Handler. (Does anyone else hate the ‘AKA’ thing? You could just write ‘or’ instead -a lot less dramatic, I feel.) Anyway, I don’t know why they’re such an odd couple…they just bloody are right! I mean I hate to stereotype rappers, but Chelsea aint got no acrylic nails up in thur! I mean, she’s not exactly what you’d call ’street’ is she? And as for him, he’s a bit of alright but he wouldn’t exactly be the sharpest tool in the box, would he? And she’s about as quick witted as they come.


Here they are snuggling up in a bar in New Orleans where fiddy was performing an acoustic rap set…that I would like to see! I mean, look, if they are riding it’s kinda awesome. But equally if they’re not and they’re just mates or friends with benefits or whatever…that’s kinda cool too.

I want to be their friend!



….wouldn’t that make a great kids book title?! …No? OK! So Lilo is dating Indrani, a 36 year old photographer. Here she is pictured with her during a shoot they did together last autumn. Supposedly they’ve been bangin’ bits ever since. Well now!


Well I never….

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Holy month-old news I never heard and am utterly in shock about about Batman! So Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne are doing the horizontal mambo?! Why didn’t one of you tell me?!



He put his w*lly in the nanny.

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Listen, I’m really happy to see people all in love, it’s a big bad mean-ass world out there, but to go back to a man who cheated on you with the nanny?… well, that’s some pill to swallow. At least if he’d slept with his co-star it would have been somewhat elegant and glamourful, but the HELP!??!? (I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid.)

Seriously though in all in anyways - what do you think of these two getting back together and looking like they are radiating love dust made from solid gold? Also, what do you think of their rigouts - I’m kiiiind of liking the tracksuit bottoms with wedges on Sienna, but don’t know if that means I should be slapped.



Simon Cowell admitted publicly for the first time last night on Jay Leno that he’s enga…..engage……eng….I can’t…I just can’t do it. He’s gonna marry that lucky b*tch!!! Devestation stations!!! I genuinely believed that we would live out the rest of our days together. The story would go something like this….

(L) enters American Idol audition room - Simon looks up - Their eyes meet - She starts to sing - he tells her she’s shit - she likes this - she jumps accross the table and pounces on him - they make sweet love - Randy Jackson is all ‘Yeah Dog!’ - Paula Abdul is there but is too off her tits to know what’s going on anyway (What? In my fantasy she still works there) - They live happily ever after.

But now… nothing. My life is a blank void stretched out ahead of me, Simon-less. She doesn’t even have a real name; Mezghan? Player please. 

*sob* *retch* *snot drip*


Nooo! Rob and Kristen confirmed!

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Yes, we know it’s his character, Edward, in the Twilight movies that we ACTUALLY fancy, and we know the age difference is almost at arrestable levels, but still, heart still breaking right now! (Saying ‘right now’ at the end of that sentence makes me sound more like a teenager, which means I’m closer to scoring him - fact.)

 Robert ‘wrestling name- the ride’ Pattinson has confirmed that he is dating Kristen Stewart, his co-star. He said:

“It is extremely difficult but we are together, yes. We can’t arrive at the same time because of the fans, it goes crazy. This was supposed to be a public appearance as a couple but it’s impossible. We are here together and it’s a public event but it’s not easy. We have to do all this stuff to avoid attention.”

Whatever. (L) and I are still outside his window, and we haven’t seen her around, so technically, he’s still ripe for a bit of an abduction/rohypnol/dungeon situation. 


Dirty Dirty

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Fergie’s hubby allegedly did the dirty and got a stripper up the duff. Asshole. I won’t even name her, she doesn’t deserve the notoriety.

Poor Fergie.


Cheater Cheaterson

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Idiot. Vernon Kay, who is married to and has two kids with Tess Daly, has been caugh’ rapeh sending filthy texts and private twitter mails to page three girl Rhian Sugden. He pair exchanged numbers after meeting in a nightclub in their home town of Bolton. Rhian tried to flog her story to the Sun, for whom she regulalry gets her baps out, but they decreed that they were ‘too explicit to publish’. Vernon’s people have admitted that he “sent the text messages but they never at any point had a physical sexual relationship.” But would he have if the situation arose? Why did he take her number in the first place? Was this the first time something like this happened? It all begs the question; When is cheating, cheating?

  • Are dirty texts cheating?
  • Is kissing cheating?
  • Is a secret close friendship worse/better than a traditional affair?

And could you/have you gotten over being cheated on? / Or have you ever cheated youself?

Feel free to post anonymously of course.


In a move which shows that true oompa loompa love conquers all, Katie Price and Alex Reid were married yesterday at 4pm local time at the Wynn hotel in Las Vegas. The ‘private’ ceramony was of course captured by katie’s ‘What Katie Did Next’ ITV2 film crew. The super-couple, who were seen shopping for rings earlier in the day released the following statement shortly after the beautiful affair;

“Katie and Alex are delighted to announce that they got married in a private(?), simple ceremony at 4pm (PST) on February 2nd in Las Vegas.”

“We are very much in love and look forward to the future together. We can’t wait to get back and celebrate our marriage with our friends and family who we know fully support our wishes.”

…yadda yadda yadda…here’s the marriage licence to prove it.

A spokesman added:

“Their decision to marry has not been made with any preconceived commercial plan or media deal in place, and their reason for getting married is purely down to their love for each other.”


“She has not signed any magazine deal for the wedding photographs but they are likely to do an interview about it when they get back.”


Katie’s ex Peter Andre hasn’t made any statement about the marriage as of yet but he wrote in his ‘New!’ magazine column this week:

“I haven’t seen any of Celeb Big Brother  but I’ve heard that Alex has come across really well. It might surprise people to know this, but I hope Alex is a nice guy and I hope he makes Kate happy. If he’s going to be with her long-term, he’ll see a lot of my kids and I want them to be surrounded by lovely people who care about them.”

It’s all just so beautiful… *tear*



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She’s only gone and done it!! Katy Perry has tamed the untamable man! Russell Brand proposed to Katy Perry during “a spiritual ceremony” in India on New Year’s Eve, and the relationship was blessed by a “love guru”. Brand’s publicist confirmed the news today “We can confirm that Russell Brand and Katy Perry are engaged.” and Russell text a journalist friend at the British Sun to confirm, simply saying…”It’s true. Much love.”

Yeah well, whatever. I didn’t want to marry him anyway…



Really, Sienna?

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So you’re dating a handsome guy. He’s lovely, successful, has gorgeous kids with a seemingly alright ex, he’s a bit of a ride…all okay so far…then he goes off on work and sleeps with his nanny. So you dump him and then, a few years later, you take him back! It’s a fairytale! Right? Riiight? 

Yeah, well allegebly, Sienna has not only taken Jude back, but they are now planning to shack up together in London once more. A “source” says:

 ”Last week they put the wheels in motion to live together again. They have told staff that they are in love and will be moving back to London in the spring and they will be living together as a couple once again.”

Hmmm. What do you make of this one peoples? Apart from the fact they’re the best ‘couple with great names’ of all time…


doing the bold thing…

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Rumour has it Katy Perry’s getting the leg over my fella! Why I oughta….!! But look, I’m just going to get this out of the way….She kissed Russell Brand…and she liked it….There, I’ve said it. It was as unavoidable as it was predictable. The pair are said to have got it on at the VMAs after which Russell sent Katy a love poem and asked her to send him one back. She sent him a picture of her Babylons with the word ‘poem’ scribbled on them….genius! Next thing you know Katy’s tweeting from a ‘magical’ trip to Thailand where she’s “been schooled on Morrissey, Oscar Wilde and Peter Sellers”… me thinks she’s not alone in Thailand!!

Ahh! But still…..gggrrrr! Biotch!


Bradley and Renee…up a tree…

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 I think it’s finally safe to say that Bradley Cooper is deffo NOT dating Jenifer Aniston. Well, you’d hope not, given that he’s officially doing the bold thing with Renee Zellweger. The couple are out and proud and groping in public on the regular.

If you think this post was merely an excuse to post a picture of her shoes, you’re not wrong. But lets keep up the charade and ad a ‘Rate or Slate’ poll to make it all officially like.

So eh….. Rate or slate …..or something.


Eh....rate or slate .......stuff....

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Or just look at her shoes. Whichever.



First question - how is Jordan’s head so shiny? Second question - does her new fella look like the secret lovechild of Daniel Craig and a pikey?

On to the story…. Katie has confirmed in her OK! (grrrrrr…) column that she IS dating cage fighter Alex Reid…for those of us too blind, too blind to see it etc. Here’s HER statement…

“Everyone I get photographed with at the moment I’m supposedly sleeping with! But I can confirm I’m seeing Alex Reid and no one else. I wasn’t seeing him or texting him while I was with Pete. I didn’t know him then - I’ve only been going to the fight school since the break-up. That’s all I’m saying about him for now.”

Here’s how Petey boy responded:

‘Apparently, she’s definitely dating that guy Alex Reid and he has been staying at her house, so she has moved on very quickly,’ he wrote in his New! magazine column.

Mind you, she’s been linked to so many men I can’t keep up!’

Peter maintains Jordan’s behaviour can’t hurt him anymore and he is moving on with his life.

He told Heat: ‘It doesn’t shock my anymore. I guess it’s acceptance of the situation.

‘The only thing I’ll say is that I think her behaviour in Ibiza was a disgrace and I meant that.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Jordan said she was pregnant or getting married again.  The hurt has shifted now and it’s getting easier week by week.’

‘I’m hoping the divorce is sooner rather than later.’

Now I’d say it’s pretty blatant that the ’she’s been linked to so many men I can’t keep up…’ comment by Peter is a sly old ’she’s a slut’ routine…what do you think? Is it fair to call a woman a slut just because she likes sex, and hooks up with a man after splitting from her husband?


Is Jordan a 'slut?'

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