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The Daily Mail are giving Amanda Holden awful jip for her alleged dodgy lip-job (try saying that ten times fast) today. She does look a bit joker-esque at certain angles I guess, but they’ve also taken the opportunity to chastise her use of Botox while they’re at it, coz they’re sound like that as you know. The Britain’s got Talent judge has openly admitted to using the stuff, but has fervently denied any lip-injecting collagen action. I happen to know that two little jabs of Botox OVER the lip area turns your lips out enough to plump them without ever having to touch your actual lips, so the jury is well out for me on whether she’s had no help there but aaaaaaaanyway……. I digress. It got me thinking! Does Amanda look well to you? Or do you just see a big shiny Botox face when you look at her? Is it working for her and all the countless other smooth-faced celebs that have gone for the jab? Who’s gone too far? Would you try it? Have you tried it? Will you try it if you need it a bit later on?


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The inimitable Lili Forberg is hosting a one-day beauty masterclass at her funky studio in Dublin’s Fair City on Saturday 30th of January. The very brilliant Kate O’Reilly will take you through your Goddess transformation teaching you all the skills you’ll need along the way. Afterwards Lili will photograph the new you and you’ll get a beautiful 12×8 print!

Here are the all important details:


Welcome reception with yummy morning treats!

Make up artist supreme Kate O’Reilly begins your transformation. Kate will use a model to demonstrate all the amazing tricks of the trade. Each student will work on her own face as Kate explains (and re-explains) each step. Time will be given to each student and questions are very welcome! The skills you will acquire are:
Flawless skin - no photoshop required!
Simple contouring -  for supermodel cheekbones
Pretty daytime eyes - little fuss, big impact
Liquid Liner - the secrets that they try hide from you. Its not as hard as it looks (well not quite as hard!)
Smokey Eyes - Go from the office to the dancefloor in a few easy steps
False lash application - everyone’s faking it these days!

Kate will show you how to whip up your locks in a jiffy to create gorgeous curls for daytime or evening time using GHD techniques.

Touch ups by Kate and Lili then awaits for your Vogue worthy photoshoot


Email or call the number above for bookings - better hurry as places go fast!