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These poor girleens fell in to a giant toilet trying to promote Ballygown Pink, so the least you lot can do is buy a couple of bottles to support Think Pink Week! The Marie Keating Foundation’s breast cancer awareness initiative is being celebrated this week and lots of Irish celebs have got on board to ‘Be part of it’.

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College students and office workers alike are ‘Thinking Pink’ this week by wearing pink to work and college. As Stylebitches, i think it’s our duty to get our favourite pink gunas out this weekend so!


Oooh how exciting! We gots much love for the people from, so we’re very thrilled to tell all y’all about a new night they are running in Dakota on South William Street in Dublin, every Thursday.

Drinks, Fashion & Frolics, sure what more could you ask for from a Thursday night bedad - the Beauty Spot will feature: regular beauty tips and advice given by top make up artists, hair stylists,vintage & contemporary fashion and accessories ’Pop Up Shop’, cocktails from only €5 and many more drink offers at the bar.

 Their weekly Beauty Bar will have a different theme and treatments every week, kicking off with Nails on the 14th of May. T May 20th is all about lashes and the big one this month of course is May 27th and the release of Sex and The City 2. Style Nation Ireland’s fashion channel, will be there to film for upcoming episodes too….

 And our favourite part of the night?  DJ Conor Behan will play an upbeat mix of pop, disco, R&B, kitsch and retro favourites, all gauranteed to put you in a good mood. WE HEART CONOR!!

  It all kicks off tomorrow Thursday 13th May 2010,from 7pm with no cover charge - nice! Table bookings are available on . See for more information. Check out for more info on The Beauty Spot and keep an eye on their twitter pages at and


Absolut Style at Set

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You may or or may not know that I’ve been working away on ‘Absolut Style at Set,’ a vintage fashion and furniture fair, which takes place in the VERY prettiful and opulent SET theatre in Kilkenny on the Easter Bank Holiday weekend. 

If you’ve nothing to be doing, why not come down! (L) will be giving her highly successful roadshow talk on ‘How To Dress For Your Shape’, The Stylebitches shall be DJing on the Saturday night, and we’ll both be there all weekend possibly getting a little tipsy on alcoholic cupcakes. Come on down and say howdy!

Here’s a brief look at the weekend :

Film Friday - it’s Good Friday,  no drink to be bought, so why not come down and watch five fashion inspired films in a row while stuffing your face!

Style Saturday - Vintage stands/Food Fair. Hair, Beauty and fashion shoot areas open, Style Masterclasses with Laura Cunnigham (L L Cool Beans) and Annmarie O’Connor, and a demented night out with ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’ and ‘The Stylebitches Night Out’ plus much more.

Soul Sunday - Vintage stands/Food Fair. Hair, Beauty and fashion shoot areas open, Live Music, chilled out vibe, Casino night and the ‘Soul Kitchen’ nightclub.  

Not enough info…eh…just click the read more button for THE longest post in the wordild. (Back off Kanye, it is, right?!) So come play with The Stylebitches at the ‘Absolut Style at Set‘ Weekend!



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For some reason, those crazy cats at Spy South William Street have decided they’re brave enough to let The Stylebitches WRECK DE GAFF yet again! This Saturday 13th, we’ll be taking to the decks at ‘Gossip’…and then to the window sills for a bit of ‘I don’t get drunk, I get AWESOME’ gyrating.

Music-wise, expect our usual mad mix….we like to call eclectic, some might call schizo. Anything from Dizzee, to Boom Shake the Room. Very high-brow stuff doncha know!

The night usually starts out like this……..

Then gets a bit like this……

We can’t show you what happens after that, we’d get fired by every client we have……and then ends in a hamster impression. Don’t ask, it just does K? Always.


What: The Stylebitches @ Gossip @ Spy

Where: Spy, South William Street, Dublin 2

When: Saturday 13th March - 9pm onwards

How much?: FREE before 11 - A tenner after that.

Drinks Promos: 2 for 1 cocktails (Real ones! None of your crappy watered down crap)

Other DJs on the night:

The legend that is Anthony Remedy in the black room

(where all the absolute messin’ takes place),

The ‘Stellar’ Corina Gaffey

Industry star Michelle McGrath

The ridiculously cool Byron Kumbula

Photees: Lili Forberg will even be taking your pictures! And she makes everyone look like a ride …yeah even you! ;)


Let us know if you’re coming. If you’re not, you’re dead to us. Seriously though, they’re superdooper megga-good nights and not to be missed. If you’ve been before…back us up here!

Make sure to come say Hi!…we bite!



O to the M to the FG…guess who’s gonna be on the Orange Carpet tonight at The Meteor Music Awards?? Yeah we did!!! Now, when I say ON, I mean we’ll be the ones sticking a mic in people’s faces asking them all sorts of fascinating questions that will make them want to skip the event and stay there and chat to us…natch! It’s set to be all star-studded ‘n’ stuff…we’re talking Dizzee, Florence, Snow……Patrol (yeah that doesn’t work when you shorten it).

 We’ll also be on Spin 103.8 on Saturday telling the lovely Michelle Beaty on Plan B about the goings-on and what everyone was wearing on their persons. So tune in for that from about midday onwards.



The inimitable Lili Forberg is hosting a one-day beauty masterclass at her funky studio in Dublin’s Fair City on Saturday 30th of January. The very brilliant Kate O’Reilly will take you through your Goddess transformation teaching you all the skills you’ll need along the way. Afterwards Lili will photograph the new you and you’ll get a beautiful 12×8 print!

Here are the all important details:


Welcome reception with yummy morning treats!

Make up artist supreme Kate O’Reilly begins your transformation. Kate will use a model to demonstrate all the amazing tricks of the trade. Each student will work on her own face as Kate explains (and re-explains) each step. Time will be given to each student and questions are very welcome! The skills you will acquire are:
Flawless skin - no photoshop required!
Simple contouring -  for supermodel cheekbones
Pretty daytime eyes - little fuss, big impact
Liquid Liner - the secrets that they try hide from you. Its not as hard as it looks (well not quite as hard!)
Smokey Eyes - Go from the office to the dancefloor in a few easy steps
False lash application - everyone’s faking it these days!

Kate will show you how to whip up your locks in a jiffy to create gorgeous curls for daytime or evening time using GHD techniques.

Touch ups by Kate and Lili then awaits for your Vogue worthy photoshoot


Email or call the number above for bookings - better hurry as places go fast!



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Monday night is the new Sunday night doncha know! Not sure what to do yet? Allow me to introduce you to Kinky Gilinky. With a name so fun to say, you could probably have just as much fun sitting at home saying it over and over….kinky gilinky kinky gilinky kiny gilinky…. but you don’t wanna do that! Why not pop along to The Button Factory in Temple Bar (formerly The Temple Bar Music Centre) and enjoy some of the following…..


Music - High energy Pop, Disco, R’n'B and a teenchy bit of Techno provided by DJ Craig and DJ M 

Entertainment - Sexy ‘Lady Viette’ girls, hot Gogoboys and Drag queens Gigi and Roxxy  

Dress - Outrageous! Anything goes! Best dressed wins a €50 drinks voucher

Doors - Open at 11 - €5 in if you mention The Stylebitches! (Usually €7 before 12, €10 thereafter)



we iz well famous init!

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The Stylebitches will be coming to you live from the Ploughing Championships in Athy on Newstalk this morning from 10.10am onwards. (Probably a bit later than that) There’s a sentence I never thought I’d type!

Listen live on



I have approximately 15 bruises, two scrapes, sore hips, a bandy knee, a malfunctioning liver, straw for hair, the shakes and have aged around 10 years. It was EPIC!!!! Mega thanks to this year’s Picnic gang who are all insane and helped make it one of the best weekend’s of MY LIFE!!!!

How did you all get on?!



YAY!!! I just yoinked this picture from Electric Picnic’s Facebook. It’s a picture that was taken in Stradbally YESTERDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! This excited me because it’s READY!!!!!!!! It’s just sitting there waiting for me!

Why can’t I go NOOWWWW???!!!! No fair!

You coming? You excited? Whatcha wearin’?! Who ya looking forward to seeing? (besides maybe us) And other such festival related questions….



Sandy are you listening?!

Buy My Dress is a sale of ‘lightly used’ high street and designer dresses which will be donated by Irish women of all ages, shapes and sizes in aid of Down Syndrome Centre. And right now they are very much at the dress collection phase and need your help! They want those dresses you wore once to a wedding that have been rotting away in your wardrobe ever since! Or the one you bought that you thought you might grow/shrink in to! You’re never going to wear it so hand it over!!! All dress donations can be dropped off at your local PETER MARK if you live in Dublin, Wicklow, Meath or Kildare or alternatively FREEPOST your donated dress to:

Down Syndrome Centre, 62/63 Lwr Mounttown Rd, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Here’s the details of the event itself at which you may very well pick up some replacement gunas at a bargain as well as supporting a good cause!

Date: Thursday 11th June

Venue: Royal College of Physicians , Kildare St , Dublin 2

Time: 10am- 9pm

Admission: €10

For more info visit : or


What are you doing, where are you going, who are you seeing, what are you wearing, who are you ridin’, what are you drinking, where are you staying, how many fry ups will you be eating, who’ll you be fighting, what’s the dealio - Share the details people!


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Scroobius Pip and Dan le Sac are playing in Whelans this Monday night…check out their epic ‘Letter from God to Man’ above for a taster…you like or no? Below is the video for ‘Thou Shalt Always Kill.’ Madame Stylebitch (L) and I likey, but enough to go watch a full gig…perhaps!


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“The search for true love begins outside the box…”

There’s a great pub in Kilkenny called Billy Byrne’s on John St. that shows foreign/indie/arthouse (random) films every Wednesday night. Last week was the turn of ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ starring Mr Chin, Ryan Gosling.

To say this is now one of my all time favourite movies would be to do it a disservice. I almost don’t want to write anything more on it, because due to the tiredness of my brain, I can’t think of enough brilliant words to put together all in a row that would in any way adequately profess my love for this film. 

…but I’ll give it a go - Set in a rural American town, Ryan Gosling (”It wasn’t STILL isn’t over!”) plays Lars, a 27 year old recluse who was abandoned and abuse as a child.

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Kate Moss’ celebrated her 35th Birthday party this weekend…all weekend. Festivities kicked off at London’s Dorchester hotel on Thursday and migrated to her North London home where she held an uber-exclusive  medieval themed get together for celebrity friends and rocker boyfriend Jamie Hince .

Rather predictably, little piggy up there wasn’t the only casualty on the night with an ambulance being called in the early hours to look after this wrecked looking chap.

The Police were also a regular presence outside the model’s door as they received a large number of complaints from Kate’s neighbours about the noise which went on until the following day.